Welcome!  We believe that our campus and Residence Hall is the best place to live and study in the United States, and that "dorm style" living provides many advantages over "home stay."  These include safety, rooms, facilities, food, language, culture, activities, and much more.  Our dorm is open 24/7 all year including the holidays.


Safety - This is our most important priority.  We have strict rules to ensure safety for the students. All staff members have background checks, including FBI check and fingerprint.  If student is sick, staff checks on them every 2-3 hours.  Our staff is professional and experience dealing with emergency situations.  Our dorm has security alarms and also fire alarm system.  We do fire drills throughout the year.  A safe student is a happy student. 

Student Rooms - Each carpeted room is very spacious, with an individual air conditioning unit that allows fresh outside air when needed.  In addition there are environmentlly movable heating units that produce 10,000 BTU of heat and can be located anywhere the student desires to insure maximum comfort.  Each room is equipped with a smoked detector that is check regularly.  All rooms have locks to insure student safety. 

Facilities and Campus - Our campus has 4 basketball courts, full gym, indoor /outdoor soccer fields and much more. Just an easy walk for the students on the 65 acre campus. Laundry - There is never a wait for laundry since we have many units at our dorm. Bathrooms - We clean our bathrooms twice a day so they are always clean and fresh for the students.

Food and meals - We have three chiefs that provide a variety of food including Asian.  Every day our chiefs prepare fresh food that is both nutritious and also taste great.  We get compliments for the students every week on how much they enjoy the food.  We only purchase items from the very best vendors in the Erie area and our kitchen is kept clean and neat.  We are very proud that we can offer the best food in the area.

Culture and English Language - With the help from older/previous students you'll get more valuable instruction to make your "fitting-in" much easier.  Students feel less homesick having peers from similar country around.  English Practice - You can chat with native staff and other international students in English any time and all the time you want to.

Activities and volunteer - PIA will not only coordinate with you registering for activities and sports, we'll also communicate with many organizations to find chances for you. We arrange all different kind of field trips.

Exchanging information about school, activities, homework, and daily life - At PIA, you can talk to your peers in person and get best answer right away. PIA has special staff members that communicate with parents often.  We inform parents of every detail, if parents have special need.

Extracurricular - Will coordinate unconditionally and do this on a daily basis.

Connection between school, teachers, and our PIA dorm - With bilingual staff, is easy for parents to know every aspect of their children by communicating with staff in various ways.

More adults to mentor your child - Our staff, with many years experience, can help guide your child on many aspects of America and our culture.  This better prepares the student for college life and beyond.  Our staff cares about each and every student.  We have study hall weeknights that have a licensed teacher that assist the students with their homework.

Transportation - We have bi-weekly bus runs to many retail stores so the students always can get what they need. We are close by the school and provide transportation to all sports and activities. We arrange special runs for kids at no cost all time.



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