Held Meals Form

Kitchen Staff

Meals will be held only for extra-curricular activity, or an organized school

Student First Name:
Student Last Name:
Date(s) Meals are to be held:
Meal Type:
Email Address Of Student Requesting Meals Be Held:
Requesting Held Meal for:
Full names of other students meals are being requested for: Meal Type
Total Number of Meals Held:

Please note that food safety regulations only allow us to hold meals for up to four (4) hours and in some situations even less time. Students are responsible for the timely and proper submittal of the Held Meal form.

Please use the following guidelines for when held meal forms must be received.
  • Brunch: Must be received by 10 AM
  • Dinner: Must be received by 5 PM on a school day. For Weekends, Holiday's or No School it must be received by 4 PM
  • All the held meals will be disposed by 9 PM every night.
  • If you are requesting a lunch/dinner bag due to an organized school or extra-curricular activity, please submit this form at least 24 hours in advance.

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