Admission Requirements
  • Boarding student application fee - credit card authorization form ($150USD)

  • Reference request document and written recommendation letter from a current English and Math teacher

  • Transcript release form

  • Copy of latest report card and school transcripts, presented in English, for grades 7 through the most recent grade

  • Parental Registration Statement

  • The results of any standardized testing you have taken; for example SLEP, TOEFL, or SAT.

  •  Medical forms including:
         a. PIA student medication form 
         b. PIA emergency medical & authorization form 
         c. PIA drug & alcohol agreement  

  • Release of liability for off campus activities

  •  Student should request official transcripts from school (with official school seal/stamp) to have on file. Student will be required to send all official transcripts to PIA if the student has been accepted and would like to enroll in our program. To save time, the Admissions Committee asks the students to request the original transcripts from the school so there is no delay once the student has been accepted. The transcript should include all of the grades from the last year of school completed in the student’s country.

Pennsylvania International Academy has been awarded a number of scholarships from a benefactor. Students are required to apply for scholarship opportunites by April 30th for the  2018-19 academic year. 


Non-Discriminatory Admissions Policy
Pennsylvania International Academy gives every applicant the same consideration. Equal Opportunity will be afforded to each candidate for admission. 


International Baccalaureate Information available at

International Baccalaureate Online

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