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Situated on a spectacular 65 acre Residence and Cultural campus in Erie, Pennsylvania we are located near three major US cities and easy to reach from around the world.  PIA is an integral part of the Mercyhurst Prep Experience and Cultural Hub for high school students in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to duplicate the living experiences of the top Universities in America. This experience will make it easier for each student to prepare for the rich, bold and exciting time when they graduate from Mercyhurst Prep and go to Colleges and Universities.

Advantages of Dorm life at PIA:
  1.  Companionship & Community Contacts. When you live in a dorm, it's hard to be lonely.  There is always other students in the hallway looking for a friendly conversation.  This is an easy opportunity to meet people and it can make the transition away from home easier. We are a Wi-Fi Campus and provide private study rooms when required.  Normally, highly sociable people earn more respect and are more successful in their private and professional lives.  The development of such abilities depends very much on a child's environment.  Our staff are constantly arranging cultural and community events for each student to develop these skills.  In addition, we offer special leisure and sports activities in conjunction with normal schooling.  These are very popular as they help students overcome homesickness which sets in at the beginning.  These extracurricular activities provide each child contact with the community and better opportunities and more choices than they would in a home environment.
  2. Convenience Our Dorm campus is located very close to major shopping malls and restaurants. The Dorm is open 24/7 year-round, an important distinction for international students.  In addition, our athletic facilities are located on the residential campus including a state-of-the-art fitness center and student lounge/hub.  We also provide bus and transportation service for every student.
  3. Safety & 24 Hour Care.  Our Dorm is a secure environment that has cameras, fire and smoke detectors along with adult supervision. Our security is provided 24/7. Our advisers are a source of knowledge and sometimes even a friend. Dorm parents and dorm administrators live full time on campus. The continuous cooperation between the school, boarding house staff, educators, teachers and students enables an excellent symbiosis in their efforts to achieve success in learning.
  4. Delightful Eating Experience. We provide a variety of daily meals that are healthy and fresh. In addition we have an International Fusion chef that prepares international dishes to everyone's delight. Our Executive Chief is third generation.
  5. Excellent Medical Care.  We work with one of the top medical care providers in America, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to insure the best healthcare for each student. We work together to provide prompt medical care for minor illnesses or injuries for each student.  Their medical center is staffed with board certified physicians that strive to provide excellent medical care. For more information please go to www.upmc.com

Amenities at Residential Facility and Campus

Music Room

Study Room

Fitness Gym

TV and Internet Common Areas

Cultural Game Rooms

Dining Hall

Study Rooms

Group Project Rooms

Four Basketball Courts

Golf Driving Range - Indoor

Physical Rehab on Campus


Advantages of Private Schools:

Dr. Richard J. Light of Harvard University recently published a report about the benefits of an independent school education. He describes how independent school graduates differ significantly from their counterparts. Graduates are:


1) More likely to have a broader world view.


2) Significantly better in writing preparedness, especially with research papers.


3) Much more likely to seek out advice from a faculty member.


4) Much more likely to have better time management skills.



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